Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm back, and I'm 3d!!

Hi I'm back - I made a joke about Chuck Norris that he didn't appreciate and have been on the run for the last few weeks doing my best to avoid spin kicks. It got really close at one point, but I was able to explain the joke to him and now that he sees the humour in it we're best buds. That's right, Chuck Norris is my homme.
So now that I'm back I've got a Work In Progress to share. It's a LCA (troop carrier) of the variety used to land Allied soldiers onto the beachs on D-Day. I'm doing it for a mod of Call Of Duty2. I spent about 8 hours modeling this on the weekend. Like I said it's still a work in progress, I plan to finish it off and add textures to it still.
That's all folks!


Jason Kraft said...

You sir.....You know what your doing...I hope things are fantabulous!! Keep it up young man..

Ben Reynolds said...

Way to go Patty...you 3-d stuff real good-like.

Ben Reynolds said...

I've seen this already!! put something new up!!!

Turd Ferguson

Richtoon said...

Hey Pat!!
Looks very 3D to me! Success!!