Friday, October 24, 2008

Paintings from 2007/2008

These are some of the paintings I did last fall/winter. I'm not a big fan of abstract art, so that one at the top is a rarety for me. Of these, my favourite is probably the Stormy Seas one, which was done by brushing the canvas with soapy water and then painting with really watered down acrylic paint. Unfortunately the reproductions don't do much justice to the originals, but that's what I get for taking pictures of them in the kitchen. This one is currently on display at my parents house in the living room - that's right, it's living room quality. The others are being stored under a bed, behind the curtains, or in the trunk of my car... The snowboarding one is another of my favourites, but I wish I'd done a design on the board rather than just leaving it blank - I'm gonna blame that on meeting the due date.

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Ben Reynolds said...

haha...dude these are sweet!! Its not too late to put a design on the snowboard man. Even iti in Photoshop!!
Lets hang out soon dude..lets do that downtown trip we keep talking 'bout.